Curious what to expect at Southpoint?

This is a great place to grow closer to God and experience community. You can get a sense of what a service is like by checking out an online service or viewing our message archive. You can dress comfortable, casual, or you can even dress up. You can check your children in securely so they can experience fun, engaging programs. You’re also welcome to bring them with you into the main service. We provide a soundproof “Comfort Room” in the back of the auditorium if they become restless. You can also watch the service from monitors in the lobby.
Just walk in the main auditorium and find a seat anywhere–there’s plenty of space (it’s OK if you’re running late, we understand!).
The service will feature a few songs led by our worship band with lyrics projected on large screens. A biblical message will be presented in a way that you can understand and apply. A few moments of quiet time is observed for heartfelt prayer, reflection, & “communion” being served for Christians who would like to share in the “Lord’s Supper.” The service will be just over an hour long.

If you have any questions or desire a tour, 

stop by Guest Services. 

We’d love to meet you 

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Fun & safe environments for kids .
Nursery - 5th grade.
At all Sunday services.

Curious to know more about Southpoint?

In just 10 minutes you can get to know us a little better while enjoying some snacks. We’d love to meet you and give a brief overview of Southpoint. Children are welcome. Offered once per month after each worship service
This one-hour lunch experience will help you connect to Christ & His Church. We’ll explore the plan of salvation and what it means to be the Church. Offered every other month after the second Sunday service @ 12:30pm

If you have questions, we can help!

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