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When is war justifiable?

Are we already in World War 3? Some prominent voices say so, considering the U.S. is fighting a proxy war with Russia by funding Ukraine’s defense; involved in the conflict between Israel & Hamas in Gaza; & may try to

Is God really male?

For this Father’s Day, I’d like to point out that the God of the Bible is very different than the gods of the pagans. Not only do we have one God compared to the many gods of their religions, but

Where did you get your political principles?

Few things are more polarizing than politics these days. They say the two things you should never discuss in public are religion & politics. Well, here goes. I’m not going to address specific politicians, parties or platforms though, but instead

Which bucket will you pour?

Would you say you’re an angry person? Would others say you are? Got a short fuse? I’ve never really been an angry person, but as a teenager, I confess I did some things when angry I’m not proud of. When

Preferring an atheist or Christian world?

Joe Rogan, the most listened-to podcaster in the world, is an agnostic. But a few months ago while talking with Hulk Hogan, a newly baptized believer, he confessed: “If people really lived liked Christians, it’d probably be a better place

Are you good-looking?

We naturally admire & desire to be beautiful people. But wouldn’t you agree we place way too much emphasis on how a person looks externally? There’s tremendous pressure, especially on young people, to attain supermodel looks. Cosmetics is a massive

Should we turn to therapy?

I was recently dealing with a troubled person who seemed to be affected by mental health problems (or possibly demonic influence or both). Many are dealing with issues that would be classified as psychological, but there may be more to

What are you waiting for?

We seem to be seeing increasing interest in Christianity lately among celebrities. The most recent was last Sunday when Russell Brand was baptized in London’s Thames River. If you weren’t aware, Brand was a comedian, radio host, & actor, living

Is evolution real?

When two of the biggest & most controversial online media commentators get together for a 3-hour chat, you know something interesting is going to come out of it. Joe Rogan’s interview this past week with Tucker Carlson didn’t disappoint. One

Why 15 weeks?

A strong majority of Americans want some limits on abortion, but where do you draw the line? A consensus has settled around the 15-week mark. Why 15 weeks? That’s typically when a fetus is capable of feeling pain. Some would

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Is suicide forgivable?

Suicide has become one of the top causes of death worldwide. Even more have attempted it, & many more have considered it. If you find yourself being lured into such dark ways of thinking, before I go any further, I

Is the coming eclipse a sign of the end?

Have you heard how some are trying to link the coming solar eclipse with prophecy? Jesus did talk about signs in the sun, moon & stars (Luke 21:25). He also pointed to the sun being darkened (Matt. 24:29). The Apostle