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Is suicide forgivable?

Suicide has become one of the top causes of death worldwide. Even more have attempted it, & many more have considered it. If you find yourself being lured into such dark ways of thinking, before I go any further, I

Is the coming eclipse a sign of the end?

Have you heard how some are trying to link the coming solar eclipse with prophecy? Jesus did talk about signs in the sun, moon & stars (Luke 21:25). He also pointed to the sun being darkened (Matt. 24:29). The Apostle

Are Americans still celebrating Easter?

This Sunday is Easter which used to be widely recognized as a spiritual holiday for celebrating the resurrection of Christ. But I wonder if Americans understand that anymore. It seems most still celebrate the holiday but don’t really know why.

Should we co-exist?

Can different religions get along? Depends on what you mean. 24 years ago the “Coexist” logo was created featuring the symbols of the world’s 3 major monotheistic faiths: the cross for Christianity, the crescent moon for Islam, & the Star

Should we support Israel?

To touch the live wire of the conflict in Israel is to invite an explosion of strong opinion. But instead of focusing on the political happenings with the geographical & political state of Israel, I want to address the biblical

To puff or pray?

Did you know that Michigan local governments are receiving $87 million from “recreational” marijuana sales? Those pot taxes are supposedly being used to fix potholes, along with improving schools, parks, government buildings, & paying for police. I wonder how long

Whose values are best for government?

Did you vote in the presidential primaries this past week? I’ve rarely ever missed the opportunity to express my views through voting. But I’m very grateful that our nation is not a democracy where the majority decides what our rights

When it comes to men, what do women want?

Some years ago, I surveyed our church on what they seek in the opposite sex. In last week’s blog I covered what men seek in a woman, so it’s time to find out what the ladies want. Of course, every

When it comes to women, what do men want?

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day earlier this week? Some couples make a big deal out of this Hallmark holiday. Others choose to downplay or forego it altogether. And some don’t celebrate it because they’re not coupled up, either by choice

Will you be betting on the Super Bowl?

This Sunday’s Super Bowl is expected to be the biggest sports betting event in the nation’s history, hosted in the world’s gambling Mecca of Las Vegas. It’s reported that some 68 million Americans will bet about $23 billion–a new record

man looking stressed or worried

Am I concerned or worried?

We know worry is bad for us. It’s unhealthy, tying knots in our stomachs & kinks in our backs. Many stay awake at night tossing & turning, developing headaches, ulcers, & high blood pressure. Others stew while sweating, pacing, &

Why is church good for you?

In our current church message series, “Good for You,” we’ve been exploring biblical principles for better living. We seem to be in a high-stress time of negative emotions & mental health struggles. A number of factors have converged in the