Campus Experience


Guest Services
We welcome all attendees and new guests with a smile, make them feel at home, and ensure they have a great experience. We answer questions and lead people to the correct place to get involved, sign up for events, etc. 

Beverage Cafe
We help all who attend to feel comfortable and at home by preparing beverages and providing a great atmosphere.

We are the friendly and welcoming face of Southpoint. We open doors, we smile and say hello. We are there for people. Opportunities include: Door Greeter, Auditorium Greeter, Lobby Greeter, Parking lot Greeter, passing out communion and other items needed in the service.

Communion Prep
We prepare the Bread and Juice for our time of Communion in services.


Building Maintenance
Are you a handyman or woman who loves to fix or repair things or help keep them maintained and looking good? This team helps keep Southpoint’s properties well-maintained. 

Grounds Team
Keep our properties clean, tidy, and looking great by volunteering to clean inside the building or help maintain our grounds outside.

Safety Ministry
Do you put the safety of others first? Our security and medical teams do just that. Our security teams keep the congregation and children safe at various events, concerts, and weekend experiences. (Must be a Southpoint Member) Our medical team provides first responder techniques to individuals in emergency situations. You must have current Basic Life Safety training or equivalent credentials for the medical team.  

Volunteer Receptionist/Office Work
Help represent our campuses and navigate all those who call or visit. This position helps the church to function efficiently and effectively by answering phones and directing guests during office hours. Also lends a hand with various administrative tasks as applicable. 

Clean Team 
We help keep the church clean and tidy for a great impression inside our building, both during and outside of services.

Laundry Team 
This very important ministry launders the baptism clothing and towels so as to always be prepared for those who come to dedicate their lives to Christ.