Information Technology

IT Support
Are you a computer nerd? Do you love working with electronics? If so, this ministry may be for you! Troubleshoot and repair problems within our computer systems and keep us up and running. Or maybe you know how to code!? If that’s you and you’re interested in seeing how you can help make an eternal difference using you skills, let us know!

Network Infrastructure
Are you a network administrator or have any network administration experience? We might just have some need for your skills. Duties would include assisting the Technology Director with network related tasks.

Hardware/software maintenance
If you are interested in computer hardware or software maintenance, your could be utilized to help maintain our physical computers, install new equipment, and maintain our various software platforms.

Website Development
The first impression many people have of a business is based on their website, so help ours be great! If you have any experience with website development and want to serve the church this way, let us know! Ongoing work will include creating new pages, enhancing what we have, routine updating of content, and occasionally creating and maintaining special standalone websites.