NexGen Kids


New Family Check-In Host
Our new families are important to us, so our new family check-in team welcomes them, gets them registered in the computer, prints their children’s tags, explains the secure check-in process, and helps them to get settled into their classroom. They also are responsible for new family follow-up. A New Family Check-In Host can be 6th grade up to adults.

Nursery or Toddler Teacher
Volunteer caring for babies and toddlers (under 2), and communicating God’s love through play, kindness, and songs. A Nursery Lead Teacher must be at least 16 years old.

Nursery or Toddler Helper
Help the Nursery Lead Teacher by loving babies and toddlers (under 2), and making them feel happy and safe while away from their parents. A Nursery Helper can be 6th grade up to adults.

Preschool Teacher
Teach our little ones basic truths about God and his love for them.  Preschool teachers are equipped with a simple, easy-to-follow lesson during the week to help them interact with and engage the hearts and minds of our 2-5 year olds during Sunday morning services. A pre-school Teacher must be at least 16 years old.

Preschool Helper
Help the Preschool Lead Teacher by playing with 2-5 year olds and redirecting those with problem behaviors. Helpers are vital for the teacher to be able to focus on the whole group. A Preschool Helper can be 6th grade up to adults.

Elementary (K5) Teacher
Each teacher builds strong relationships with their grade specific group of kids as they serve every week from September through May. Each week, they use the supplied lesson to lead kids on their spiritual journey to help the go the WAY, know the TRUTH and live the LIFE. K5 teachers must be at least 16 years old.

Elementary (K5) Helper
Our K5 teachers may need assistance as they teach the lesson. Assist by redirecting children and helping with activities and games and possibly teach sections of the lesson. A K5 Helper can be 6th grade up to adults.

Double Dip Volunteer
Do you like to play games or make crafts? We have many kids who attend more than one service due to a parent on staff or a parent that serves. Double Dip provides a social environment for kids during one service and then they attend another. There must be at least two Double Dip Volunteers, with one being at least 16 years old.

Special Treasures
Do you have a heart and compassion for children with special needs? Some of the kids that come to us need a different environment than their peers. Our Special Treasures class helps children with special disabilities learn about the love of Christ through songs, play, and Bible stories. Special Treasures volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

Elementary Host
Be energetic, fun, and outgoing as you welcome all the elementary kids to the large group portion of their experience. The host sets the tone for amazing worship and learning about God by getting the hour started, conducting offering and announcements, and sending kids off to their small groups. During small group time, an host assists the small group teachers as needed.  An host must be at least 16 years old.

Our elementary experiences uses media each weekend and we need volunteers to serve by running lights, sound, media, and graphics. A Tech volunteer can be 6th grade up to adults.

NextGen Operations Team
Help the NexGen accomplish big things by serving in the background. This is perfect for someone whose schedule makes it difficult for them to help on Sundays, but could help with behind-the-scenes on their own schedule.