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UB Jun 28

Should women or anyone be drafted for war?

With Independence Day almost here, I’d like to talk more about the military which preserves our freedom. Considering that I take the “just war” position that wars are only justifiable when they meet certain moral criteria (see last week’s blog), then drafting civilians to fight & kill becomes even more problematic.

While we should be respectful & grateful for those who defend us, we can’t help but note that the last time America was legally at war was World War 2 when the Axis Powers declared war against us. That was also the last true war of defense. Since then, no war has been fought according to “just war” standards. Even WW2 fell short of some of those standards.

Our military is not used just to protect innocent American citizens. It has been used as a global “peacekeeper,” occupier, & nation-builder. It has been entangled in numerous globalist alliances such as the U.N. & NATO which would obligate soldiers to kill foreigners that are not a direct threat. The military has been inserted into war zones & hostile regions to carry out “operations” that American citizens have not approved through elected representatives in Congress.

In light of current & potential global conflict, the draft has again become a talking point. Though no one’s had to worry about being drafted since the Vietnam War, young men aged 18-25 still have to register for a potential draft through Selective Service. To draft someone currently would almost certainly require serving in unjust wars. It would also constitute a form of enslavement. Such military service does not protect freedom but violates it. Anyone should be able to claim conscientious objection to killing people whether due to pacifist convictions or concern about unjust conditions.

The Scriptures forbid kidnapping which prevents involuntary servitude (Ex. 21:16, Deut. 24:7, 1 Tim. 1:10). Israelites were not forced into military conscription. Men could be excused from service for various reasons, including fear (Deut. 20:5-9, 24:5, Judg. 7:3). The New Testament recognizes faithful men who were soldiers, & makes no mention of prohibiting military service. However, history shows that Christians generally refused to serve in the Roman military in those early centuries of the Church. Not only may it have been for conscientious objections, but also to avoid the idolatrous oaths & pagan worship required.

The Constitution also forbids involuntary servitude in the 13th Amendment (despite the 1918 Supreme Court making an exception for the draft). We do not belong to the State. Why should certain young people lose their liberty & lives to maintain others’ liberty & lives? Those who call for a draft should be the ones forced to take up arms–including the older chickenhawk Congressmen who vote for it. A draft wouldn’t be needed if we didn’t have so many soldiers being spread thin overseas. Instead of sending our young people to be disabled, dismembered, & die in offensive, imperialist, or interventionist conflicts, we should bring them home.

Yet, the House of Representatives recently voted to automate Selective Service registration federally. This would presumably be more efficient & cost-effective. Though it’s not likely to pass in the Senate due to amendments attached to it, that’s not to say another version won’t pass. Does anyone think this is coincidental when all military branches are experiencing a recruiting crisis & while many are anticipating the outbreak of World War 3 if hostilities escalate?

This new bill could also require women to be drafted–something that has never happened before in this nation, though the Senate has made previous attempts. Because a male-only draft is discriminatory, feminist ideology demands it. If transgenderism is taken seriously, then women identifying as men would definitely be drafted.

Though women have contributed significantly in supportive roles for years, only recently were they permitted to serve in combat roles. The argument isn’t necessarily about whether women are capable or brave enough to fight, but whether they should.

Should we really return to the days of protecting the “weaker sex” (1 Pet. 3:7)? Absolutely. God has not designed women for warfare; men are the ones told to be strong (1 Cor. 16:13). That has been the obvious truth throughout history practically everywhere. Men naturally want to protect women, & should never be violent against them. If we’re saying that men should not compete in women’s sports, especially violent ones like boxing & MMA fighting because it’s unfair & dangerous to women, why wouldn’t we extend that obvious wisdom to warfare?

When Deborah served as a judge in ancient Israel, a military man named Barak abdicated leading a battle against the Canaanites. So Deborah scornfully prophesies that a woman will get the glory instead (Judg. 4:9). In fulfillment, a woman kills the enemy’s leader while he sleeps. But that’s not the way it should have been. It was a shameful thing for Barak who should have answered the call.

We honor women serving in combat for their willingness to sacrifice & endure the horrors of war. But that’s not the way it should be. Christian men should never let our daughters, sisters & wives die for us. If a draft were to be made law again, Christians should not feel forced to go. If they are forced to, they could request non-combat roles. But certainly, drafted women should refuse combat, & all should refuse to fight in an unjust war.