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O God, deliver me…

Flying a combat mission during an attack on enemy installations in Vietnam, Jeremiah Denton was shot down on July 18, 1965. He spent the next 7 1/2 years as a prisoner of war. While imprisoned Denton provided the first direct evidence

Being excused for skipping church?

Last week I wrote about going back to school, but did you know that some churches also capitalize on this season for going back to church? The thinking is that the people who have taken a summer vacation not only from school

What can you do as kids go back to school?

With the new school year about to start, many Christian parents will be sending their children with trepidation. We’ve all seen the way that public schools have been generally & increasingly steering kids in a negative direction morally & philosophically. Many

Are taxes immoral?

Remember the story of Robin Hood? You may think of him as a hero who stole from the rich to give to the poor. But that’s not actually what Mr. Hood did. The government (the Sheriff of Nottingham) had been stealing

Do you embrace or resist change?

Change isn’t an option, especially in this era. It’s constant & challenging. The rapid pace of change is tough even on those who don’t mind change. Change can be good or bad. The Christian life is about good change–transformation. We change

How do we separate without splitting?

What we’re doing is a bit of uncharted territory–Southpoint is just one month away from “un-multisiting.” After 13 years of being “one church in two locations” we’re ready to release the Allen Park campus to become independent on Labor Day. Churches

How good-looking are you?

When I was a college freshman, I learned how looks can be deceiving. One night in the dimly-lit dorm lobby, I met a young lady that I thought was relatively attractive, so I asked her out. The next day when I

Is minimalism the cure for materialistic misery?

I’ve been watching a few videos recently from “The Minimalists” — a couple of friends who’ve made a career out of promoting a lifestyle of less clutter. “Minimalism” has become a bit of a movement to not only live with less

Need some hope for your dying marriage?

Did you see the study that made headlines this week about how couples are choosing “sleep divorce?” Apparently, one-third of American couples sleep apart. They do this to get a better night’s rest, & therefore be nicer to their spouses

Should I say that?

Several days ago a young man was confused about the kinds of words he could use. He brought up the idea of profanity simply being whatever people say it is. He mentioned that he could make up some new word

Can God still bless America?

As we get ready for the 4th of July holiday, we’re reminded we are blessed to live in a land that by every single standard has been more blessed than any other country in the history of the world (except perhaps for

How important is church for kids?

This summer marks my 50th spiritual birthday. I was baptized into Christ in 1973 at my home church, though I don’t remember the date (I think it was July). I no longer have the baptism certificate which had the date