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Should we be color blind?

Juneteenth is coming next week as a holiday celebrating the American emancipation of slaves. Even though the 4th of July celebrates freedom, it was not freedom for all in 1776. So I think it’s a good thing to acknowledge the

What kinds of leaders do we need in the Church?

Today I’ll be gathering with about 100 of our church leaders to reveal some news about the mission & future of Southpoint! I plan to do that very soon with the whole church. But I’d like our leaders to be

How can we deal with “pride” month?

In high school, I had a friend who was homosexual. I didn’t know it at first. I had brought him to my church youth group, so he approached me about a “friend” of his that was struggling with homosexuality. I

Do you forget easily?

How many times have I left the house without my wallet, or left my phone in the car? I’ll be walking with my wife into the store, & she’ll ask, “Did you lock the car?” And I start questioning myself

Are things really getting worse?

Many point out that it seems the world is getting worse with more natural disasters, wars, violence, & moral corruption than ever before. So these must be the “last days” as foretold in Scripture. But is that really the case?

What’s a mother to do?

With this Sunday being Mother’s Day, & my younger son’s wife about to become a mommy at any moment, I thought it appropriate to stress the significance of motherhood. The Bible makes clear that mothering matters, so it should be

Ready for the King’s coronation?

Will you be watching the coronation of King Charles of the United Kingdom on Saturday? I don’t understand the American interest in a monarchy that our ancestors fought to be free of nearly 150 years ago. But it will be

Why are we “un-multisiting”?

“What’s the REAL story about Southpoint’s two locations separating?!” When we announced a couple of weeks ago on our church’s 31st birthday that we would be “un-multisiting” after 13 years of being a multi-site church, it was met with applause

What does this secret symbol mean?

Have you ever seen the sign of the fish? Perhaps you’ve seen it worn as jewelry or on a bumper sticker. Have you ever wondered what it means? The fish is the earliest of Christian symbols & was the most

Crack open a Bud or not?

You’re probably aware of the kerfuffle over Bud Light beer after using transgender Dylan Mulvaney to advertise the product. The makers of Bud Light have faced a backlash & boycott resulting in a loss (so far) of more than $6