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UB Mar 1

Whose values are best for government?

Did you vote in the presidential primaries this past week? I’ve rarely ever missed the opportunity to express my views through voting. But I’m very grateful that our nation is not a democracy where the majority decides what our rights are. We vote on those who serve as our representatives because we have a government “of the people, by the people, & for the people.” But as a Constitutional Republic, our rights are already guaranteed as God-given in our Founding Documents. A fascist majority cannot take those rights away. Yet it seems not everyone understands this.

Recently, “Politico” published an online article disparaging & warning about “Christian Nationalism” influencing government. It said: “Christian nationalists in America believe that the country was founded as a Christian nation and that Christian values should be prioritized throughout government and public life.” How awful! Instead of a godless, secular State, or a nation run by some other religion’s principles, we want a government influenced by Christianity. Of course, that’s exactly what the Founders wanted. There’s no doubt that America was founded with the intent of being a Christian nation.

Meanwhile one of the authors of that piece went viral for ominously fear-mongering on MSNBC about “Christian Nationalists” believing that rights come from God instead of the government. Yet, this is not just what “Christian Nationalists” believe–it’s what pretty much all Americans have always believed. It’s hardly extremist. The fact is that our Founding Documents purposely say that rights come from God, not government. They’re not a privilege granted or abolished by tyrants or unaccountable judges.

Christians not only have the right to influence the government with biblical views but really an obligation to do so if we care about the right to life, religious liberty, & the common good. It’s part of our Christian mandate to love our neighbors (local, nationally & globally) as ourselves, to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world, & the conscience of the community. Christians don’t seek to take over the government by force, but by influence–as does everyone else who votes! Why would Christians be singled out for silencing? Are we supposed to just roll over & let everything deteriorate into godless despotism?!

Someone’s views are going to dominate in any society. The question is which values are best? Tragically, much of our society is being defined by those who call good evil & evil good (Is. 5:20). Yes, we want basic Christian morality applied to politics. The politicians themselves don’t necessarily need to be biblical Christians (from the very beginning of our nation’s history few national leaders have been), still they should promote those Christian values through law. Hey, at this point we’re just happy with politicians & policies that respect God as Creator & Sovereign, & don’t express disdain & discrimination against Christians.

Elections affect whether the innocent are killed or protected, whether crime & violence run rampant or are kept in check, what children are taught in schools & how they could be sexualized, how well families are formed & held intact, & how well we’re able to financially care for our families. Secular values have no objective truth or morality–it’s all relative & changing based on whatever the current majority prefers. No, I don’t want a pagan State. We’re already seeing “Satan after-school clubs” forming, Satanic statues being erected on public property, & Satanists leading “prayer” for the military & government bodies. If God is kicked out, anything goes.

What about Socialist & Marxist values then? No, Scripture doesn’t support that–they’re based on envy & greed which leads to legalizing theft & keeping people dependent on the authoritarian idol-state as god. Jesus wasn’t a commie. Muslim values? If Muslims came to power as the majority, would I want to live by their laws? No, I want a Christian nation–that’s the only way we can have a decent government.

Some may think biblical Christians are radicals. But it’s actually the culture that’s been radicalized away from biblical principles. So yes, I’ll continue to vote in a way that gets America back to its original principles. We will only be a “good” society if we do so…or we can have some other ideology’s (whose?) definition of “good” (for whom?!) forced on us by tyrants through threats of violence. Much is at stake. You think I’m a radical because I believe Christian principles are best for everyone? Well then, you have no idea just how radical I am! I was radicalized a long time ago when I started seriously following Christ, & understanding how God’s countercultural principles are for the betterment of humanity.