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Idea 1:
It can feel scary and overwhelming when it comes to having Biblical conversations about cultural and hot topics with your student.  What does God’s Word have to say? What questions can I ask my student? Check out this great resource at www.axis.org for conversation guides, parent guides, and other resources to help you walk through the most challenging topics as you parent your teenager and help them see the world through a Biblical lens.

Idea 2:
This is a busy time with school, jobs, relationships, and planning for an unknown future. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in everything and make church a lower-priority item.  Encourage your high schooler to attend church every week.  Encourage them to get connected with other high schoolers at Shift. Encourage them to serve regularly in the church and help them to focus on the needs of others.

Idea 3:
Do you ever feel like your student’s language, social media influencers, popular tv shows, and top music artists are changing by the minute? Guess what!  They are! You can stay on top of many trending topics and even have great conversations with your high schooler!  Sign up for the Culture Translator to receive a weekly email that will help you stay on top of trending culture, media, and the language that is impacting your student’s world!

Idea 4:
This is the phase of life that if your high schooler is even home, they’re probably in their room.  Make a point to stop by their space before bed.  Ask them what their day looks like tomorrow.  That simple question lets them know that you respect their growing independence, but it also gives you a space to ask follow up questions and to stay in touch with what’s going on in their life.  Things like “Oh! Hey, how’d that test go yesterday?” or “I’ve been praying about that situation you mentioned you were concerned about.  What kind of resolution did you find?”

Idea 5:
Never doubt the power of a simple text to let your student know you’re thinking of them or praying for them. You may get an eye roll or a simple thanks but know that it means alot even if they aren’t expressing that yet.

Idea 6:
Ask your student to teach you something.  “So I’ve been hearing all about this new, popular song. Who sings that? What’s the song about?” or “I know you understand this stuff better than me. Can you help me use this app more effectively?” even “Do you have any thoughts on how I could do (insert idea) better? I value your creativity when it comes to things like this.” 

Idea 7:
Read a passage of scripture together and set a quick coffee break together to share ideas about what you read.  Does your teen need a better study Bible? Check this out…