K-3rd Grade

Birth – 2 years

Pre-K (3-5 years)

K-3rd Grade

4-5th Grade

Middle School

High School

Idea 1:
Each week, work through the “Faith Chat” resource from church.  This is a tool that we share weekly to help you read scripture, have great conversations, and apply God’s word to your life together with your child!

Idea 2:
Core 52: Family Edition
 is a great book to begin having simple conversations at home that build life-long understanding of Christ (can you link this book

Idea 3:
Spend some time each day during a meal, while driving, or even at bedtime focusing on God.  One way to do this is for everyone to go around and share something about God and what He has done.  Another way to word this could be, “Where have you seen God today?”

Idea 4:
As your child begins to learn to read on their own, encourage them to read scripture on their own too! This is a great early reader Bible to start with! Take some time as a family to talk through the questions and do the activity at the end

Idea 5:
If your child is a solid reader, here’s a Bible that may be better suited for them! Take some time to read together!

Idea 6:
Here’s an easy way to help your child focus on praying for others and themselves!