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Idea 1:
Middle school can be tough! Your student begins to speak a different language and you can feel lost and overwhelmed.  Sign up for the Culture Translator to receive a weekly email that will help you stay on top of trending culture, media, and the language that is impacting your student’s world!

Idea 2:
It can feel scary and overwhelming when it comes to having Biblical conversations about cultural and hot topics with your student.  What does God’s Word have to say? What questions can I ask my student? Check out this great resource at www.axis.org for conversation guides, parent guides, and other resources to help you walk through the most challenging topics as you parent your teenager and help them see the world through a Biblical lens.

Idea 3:
Middle schoolers want to know that somebody is listening to them.  How much do you know about your student? Make it a game!  Take them out to their favorite lunch or dinner spot and take turns asking questions of one another. Take turns asking the questions but you both should answer!  What’s your favorite color? What’s your best childhood memory? How would you describe your best trait? What about your worst? What’s your biggest fear?

Idea 4:
Send a text or leave a note to let your student know you’re praying for them!  Better yet, leave a bit of scripture with your note or write out the prayer you are praying over them today!